Pam Watts, E-RYT 500 (500-hour certification Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

Yoga Story

I started practicing yoga in 2000 with a group of fun-loving, dedicated Bitterroot yogis. It began as a way of connecting to the community and committing to exploring yoga postures. We followed 90 minutes of instructions guiding us through an intense series of postures from a cassette tape! Initially, for me, yoga was a physical practice – exploring the confines of my body. Wrapping myself into a pretzel was entertaining for a time but had its limits. The peace I felt at the end of practice is what intrigued me. My body felt light and open; my mind was clear. I even felt like a kinder person. These positive impacts inspired and continue to inspire me to share the practice of yoga.

I began instructing yoga classes in 2010 while completing YogaMotion Academy’s 200-hour teacher training in Bozeman, MT. After five years of guiding classes, I committed to further study. In the summer of 2017, I completed YogaMotion’s 300-hour advanced teacher training program. I have an additional 200 hours of training in anatomy, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, pranayama, and yogic philosophy with a wide variety of talented teachers.

In 2021 I sought out a teacher who would speak to my heart and mentor me in deepening my experience. I now practice and study Tantric Hatha Yoga in the Sri Vidya lineage with Mary Johnston-Coursey.  This path weaves together movement, prana, self-inquiry, mantra, and meditation. These teachings guide me and have made a powerful impact on my life and the way I share yoga with others.

CST Story

In 2016 I was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy (CST) as a form of bodywork to help ease some pain that yoga was not alleviating. Each session I received brought unexpected changes in my life, both physically and mentally. I began studying craniosacral therapy in 2016 with the Upledger Institute and have completed the CS1, CS2, and SER1 courses. Craniosacral Therapy is a modality of healing that is deeply relaxing, effective, subtle, and very complimentary to yoga.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

I began my journey with Thai Yoga in January of 2024. I feel I have been preparing for this work for years, and it is my new delight! I have completed levels 1 and 2 of Thai Yoga Bodywork with the Devanandi School of Yoga and Wellness.

Other Fun

When I am not sharing yoga I play in the dirt, farming with Leon, at Yourganic Farm. My other delights are hiking the mountains, goofing around with my dogs, and creating with clay and fabric. I use my yoga practice to support my body. I use my meditation practice to support my life. The fullness of yoga continually teaches me who I am, and how I want to participate in this world – to live in the present with an open heart and open mind.