Yoga can support you in creating more ease in your body and harmony in your life.

Each Inspired Yoga class focuses on the individual. Just as each of us appears different on the outside, we also move in a way that is unique to each person. Every posture can be modified to suit the individual. 

I intend to help you find your strength, your flexibility, your balance, and your grace. The postures of yoga are not about being “flexible,” they are helping us fine-tune the relationship of elasticity and stability within our body.  This creates harmony and ease. A peaceful body sets the foundation for a clearer mind and inherent peace.

Yoga is not only about the postures. It is a holistic system that incorporates breath, energy, movement, mind, and spirit. You are welcome to incorporate any or all of these aspects into your practice. Each class incorporates movement, breath work, and relaxation inviting you to expand your practice and your awareness on the inside and out.

Find the right practice for you!

Private and semi-private yoga sessions are wonderful if you are new to yoga, want to work with a small group, have specific goals, or desire to take your practice to the next level. 

Sign up for weekly group classes. Practicing with others creates community while adding lightness and inspiration to your yoga journey. 

Workshops and specialty classes offer a greater amount of time to be immersed in the practice and provide in-depth information.