“I am writing this to share how yoga has become such a big part of my life. At 66 years old, I was resigned to the fact that running, cycling, and backpacking really were not going to happen much anymore, at least at the levels that I was used to. Pam and Inspired Yoga not only improved me physically the last four years, but I also became more aware of myself and “my world”. Now I am back to physical activities(even my farm chores) and things are done easier and with less recovery time than before. I am also looking at events that happen around me with a lot more patience and a better perspective. Pam is caring, talented, flexible(literally!) and patient especially with the “older set”. She gives us options to make each posture easier or more challenging and listens to our feedback. Thank you Pam. I appreciate being in your classes. Join us!”  –  Tim T

“Pam’s approach to yoga helped me overcome my fears of taking a yoga class.  Her deep dedication to the intention and practice of yoga as an individual practice creates a safe and comfortable environment for all.  Pam teaches to all ages, body types and levels of experience- creating space for a joyful experience, whether you are there to relax, learn new techniques, stretch and move your body or all of the above.”   – Lea G

“As someone who is still learning to live in her body (rather than her mind), Pam’s calm and gentle manner has been the doorway through which I have come into connection with my physical being. I appreciate her precise knowledge of the body’s form and function. I value the way she complements each session with readings and poetry and teachings from yogic tradition. I enjoy her humor and nuanced approach to subtly shifting my postures so that my practice FEELS BETTER. Pam offers me a safe place to learn and grow, building my confidence in my practice. I trust her 100%.”   – Barb L

“When I reflect where I am at in my life, and where I intend to be, my yoga practice always comes to the forefront of my mind.  I know from experience that when I make the time to join with Pam and open to receive all the wisdom and guidance that she has to offer, that I can create the changes I desire for myself.  When I reflect on times I have felt my strongest it directly correlates to a committed yoga practice.  Pam is warm and welcoming and I feel as if I can show up as I am and feel accepted right where I am at.  I know I have so much more to learn from Pam and am grateful she answers the call to serve our community in the beautiful way she does.”  -Rebecca L

“I have trained with Pam for almost two years.  Her classes are enjoyable, challenging and continually focus on the development of the mind/body relationship.  As a student and teacher of martial arts for thirty years, I have discovered that the qualities that make a great teacher are adaption and being free from egotism.  Pam manifests these by making the poses work for my body instead of being bound to a rigid philosophy that allows for only one path.  Her ego is not attached to any achievement by me.  She is able to be present and malleable to the situation at hand.  This is a very rare trait in any kind of instruction.  I fully endorse Pam to help you achieve your goals in your yoga journey”   – Tim G